Who Are We?

Our food life in Seoul consists mostly of free-style cooking at home, baking (where, yes, we have to measure the ingredients), and dining out a few times a week.  We also like to try different bakeries, since baking is one of our joint hobbies.

We wanted to start a blog to document and share some of the stuff we cook and bake up at home, and also to share some what we think are the most delicious restaurants in Seoul.

Though we do enjoy going to some popular restaurants in Seoul, and do not discriminate against good food, many of the restaurants we enjoy are small, undocumented little joints, that probably already boast some local fame because they are that darn good.  We wanted to bring these places to light, many of which are around the neighborhood (Bogwang-dong) we live in, or other neighborhoods in Seoul (Anam-dong, Dongdaemun, etc.) we have spent a lot of time in.  Though, like I said, we don’t discriminate against an amazing meal, so we will feature any restaurant we love eating at and highly recommend on our blog.  This also includes the street foods and snacks we eat along our way.

We probably won’t include many recipes, unless it involves some aspect of baking (where we ourselves are following and sometimes adapting recipes).



I became my own little food expert and critic a long time ago, back when I lived in Minnesota, where I was very particular about where I ate out.  Maybe it came from not wanting to waste money on horrible food during college.  In Minnesota I enjoyed pho, bahn mi, and pizza.  Since a young age, I remember enjoying baking – a passion that was reignited during a depressing period in Korea. I enjoy freestyle cooking, which means that even though I might be inspired by a recipe, I usually throw things together in a “dump and pour” method, using my taste buds as the measure for what’s good and how much I need to add of an ingredient.  I’m not above recipes, it’s just my style of cooking, and I do use them when it is essential, like when I bake.

I will be the one who does most of the writing on the blog, so will occasionally use first person 🙂



I think I always had a sweet tooth.

When I was living in Paris, I used to try a lot of pastries whether they were good or bad.  Going to some famous patisserie or getting some croissants from the closest bakery on my street was one of my favorite moments of the day.  Since moving to Seoul, I have been trying to satisfy my craving for sweets like the ones back home.

In my spare time I like to discover new bakeries and pastry shops, and I also like to make pastries.

I will be the one who does less of the writing on the blog 🙂







4 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. I really like what you are doing on this blog about seoul food and pastry.
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    You will be very welcome for sure.


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